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Treasure Island Resort & Casino continues to be a strong community partner by generously supporting charitable organizations. Since 1994, the Prairie Island Indian Community, which owns and operates Treasure Island Resort & Casino, has donated over $22.5 million to many non-profit and community organizations. Treasure Island’s giving supports non-profits that are designated 501 (c)(3) organizations.

March23 Dontations


Hastings Family Service & Family Service Rochester

Hastings Family Service and Family Service Rochester each support and enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families in their community. Through various services and programs, including mental health, child well-being, family stability and senior independence, each organization works diligently to strengthen their community. #WeTreasure the mission of each organization and invite our guests to join us in supporting their cause by donating unclaimed slot tickets at any Treasure Island ticket kiosk. We will match donations made on Saturdays.

American Red Cross


Wednesday, March 15, 1pm-7pm

Treasure Island is hosting the American Red Cross for a Blood Drive on Wednesday, March 15 from 1pm-7pm. Healthy donors are encouraged to book appointments online; just visit, enter ZIP code 55089 and scroll down to find our event. Thanks for helping save lives.


Please use the form below to submit your request online. Requests in writing must be on your organization’s letterhead and can be sent via the U.S. postal service. Written requests must supply the same information that is required on the online form. We do not accept email, fax or telephone requests.

Mail written requests to: Treasure Island Resort & Casino Attn: Donations Committee P.O. Box 75 Red Wing, MN 55066

All requests must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the date when Treasure Island Resort & Casino’s reply is needed.

Applicants will be reviewed and responded to in the order they are received. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the process to occur.


• Sponsorships to individuals.
• Individual benefits/fundraisers pertaining to persons other than Prairie Island Indian Community members, Treasure Island Resort & Casino team members and their immediate families.
• Athletic sponsorships of individuals and/or teams (little leagues, wrestling clubs, etc).
• Requests that fall outside the surrounding communities in which Treasure Island Resort & Casino operates.
• Requests for Treasure Island logo items or in-kind gifts at events where minors are present (school events, proms, graduation parties).
• Expiration Dates on gift certificates received from any fundraising event will be enforced – no exceptions.
• We reserve the right to limit the number of donations given to an organization per calendar year.




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