We are raising the bar with new and exciting specialty brews. Try them first at Cabana Bar! From local crafts to seasonal favorites, we are seeking out hard to get specialty and new to the market beers. Every few weeks we’ll tap something new, so be sure to stop by often and see what’s on tap!

What’s on tap in Cabana?

New Belgium Skinny Dip

Lively Cascade hops and complimentary peaches brighten a wash of bready malts with sunny citrus flavor and a slight fruity pucker, creating a crisp sip.

Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy

Wheat, malt barley and a hint of real Wisconsin honey, mixed with fresh lemon and citrus flavors.

Lakefront Brewery Fixed Gear

A bold amber IPA with a floral-citrus aroma, caramel notes and mild fruity esters from the yeast.

Traveler Beer Co. Curious Traveler

An all malt wheat ale infused with puree of lemons and limes.

Schell Shocked Radler

A subtly sweet grapefruit radler-style beer with a light, crisp body combining mild malt flavor, hop bitterness and a sensational citrus essence.