Our Philosophy

We know it’s our employees that make the difference. It’s because of their passion, hard work, integrity and commitment to excellent that Treasure Island Resort & Casino is the premier entertainment destination in the Midwest.

That’s why we work hard to attract, develop and retain quality employees. We look for employees who will share our values and our vision.

Our Core Values:

  • Respect – We will treat all people with dignity and fairness.
  • Leadership – We will plan our future endeavors and act proactively.
  • Fun – We will offer an exciting and quality experience to guests and team members alike.
  • Ethics – We will follow the highest principles of integrity and decency.
  • Accountability – We will take ownership of our responsibilities.
  • Recognition – We will celebrate our success and the accomplishments of our team members.
  • Service – We will strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our guests and co-workers.
  • Teamwork – We will use a team approach for decision-making and to accomplish our duties.
  • Safety – Will provide a safe environment for our team members and guests.

Treasure Island Human Resources: 1-800-344-5101 | Positions Available