Now introducing GREMLINS™

The sights, sounds, and most importantly the GREMLINS themselves are brought to life in this new gaming experience. Featuring two player-selected modes – GIZMO or GREMLINS Mode – each offering a unique player experience, GREMLINS slots have all of the fun without the responsibility of owning your own Mogwai!

Watch as the GREMLINS appear and respin, electrify or slam the reels to add up to a 10x multiplier in the various GREMLIN Multiplying Features or as they swing down dropping WILDS or blow WILD kisses onto the reels in the Added WILDS Features. Spin the reels to collect clocks to activate pods on the top screen in the GREMLINS Free Spin Bonus. The clock moves closer to midnight on each spin, and when the hand strikes 12, the pods hatch and add WILD reels to the reels below.

When 3 or more SAP symbols land on the reels, the GREMLINS SAP Bonus is triggered. Each of the triggering progressive symbols then fly up to the top screen and flip over to reveal a credit prize or a progressive symbol. The more progressive symbols collected, the higher the progressive awarded!

These games are located on bank 226.