Match symbols and blast through obstacles for a change at big wins!

Introducing an explosive new style of game: Exploding Pays™! This game features four unique WILD symbols that activate when included in a winning combination, blasting symbols and allowing for new symbols to descend.

Once all other symbols in matching groups have been destroyed, all activated PINK WILD, BLUE WILD, and GREEN WILD symbols are evaluated from top to bottom and from left to right, along with destroy symbols in their associated pattern whether it be spaces connected to the symbol, symbol spaces horizontal and vertical from its center, or diagonal symbol spaces.

But that’s not all! When two of any PINK WILD, BLUE WILD, or GREEN WILD symbols land horizontally adjacent on the reels and are activated in a MATCHING GROUP, enhancement features are triggered that destroy even more symbols and can award a 10x multiplier!

These games are located on bank 350.